How to Identify AMBERGRIS

Sea Kidney
Dog Faeces
Marine Sponge
Now THIS is Ambergris!
Step one

First: Identify whether your substance is hard or soft. The percentage of Ambergris is of a hard texture.

Step two

Second: Dig your fingernail into the substance to determine whether it is gritty or waxy. If it is gritty it is more likely to be pumice. Sometimes it is possible to see squid beaks protruding the exterior of the Ambergris.

Step three

Third: Smell, most ambergris has a pleasant musky fragrance.

Step four

Fourth: You may try to heat a needle by a naked flame and put into the substance. If it goes in easily and comes out with a drip of molten on the point and gives off a pungent musky smell it is looking more positive but not always 100%.

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