Although it is a great thrill and excitement to find a piece of Ambergris, the quality of the piece that you have found needs to be graded. Ambergris can be White, Grey, Ash Brown or Black.

  • White ambergris being the best and most sort after grade, to Ash, brown and black.
  • Black ambergris (the lowest grade) can be soft and sticky and sometimes has the strongest aroma of all.
  • There is never an identical piece of Ambergris, they are all different shapes,sizes and quality.

If you are currently selling Ambergris or think you have found a piece we would like to suggest that you contact us on Phone: 0274 991 881 or email on [email protected] so we can talk you through the process for selling your Ambergris.  Once your find has been confirmed and a purchase price is agreed upon, payment will be made immediately by the team at Ambergis New Zealand.

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